Specialty Services

Diamond Dental strives to make your visits as easy and convenient as possible. For that reason, we offer specialty dental services in addition to comprehensive general dentistry services.


Before we decide to extract your tooth, a consultation is required, during which time we conduct a thorough inspection of your mouth. Not only do we look inside your mouth, but we also take digital images.

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As you grow older, various issues like natural wear and tear and dental disease weaken your teeth, which makes them more susceptible to tooth loss. You may also have to get tooth extractions done to deal with various issues. Dental implants are the best ways to replace these lost teeth.

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Root Canal

Root canal therapy is performed on teeth that are at risk of needing extraction due to decay that reaches deep into the tooth, or if your tooth has suffered significant trauma and we believe that we can save it with a root canal.

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Wisdom Teeth

Adults develop 32 permanent teeth. 28 of these teeth erupt by around the age of 13. The last 4 teeth do not come in until the late teens to early 20s. These are the third molars, more commonly known as the wisdom teeth. These teeth are also the most likely to become impacted, meaning that they cannot erupt properly, or at all, through the gums.

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