Intra-oral Camera

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What is a Intra-oral Camera?

An intra-oral camera is a small, pen-like tool that we use to get a closer, more detailed look at different areas of your smile. Even though the intra-oral camera is small in size, it can take high-definition images that Dr. Collins can then use to evaluate your oral health. The camera’s small size also makes it easy for Diamond Dental team to move it around the mouth without causing the patient any discomfort. The camera can reach areas that are more difficult to see with the naked eye, and take images at various angles to provide a more detailed and comprehensive examination.

Why Intra-oral Cameras?

Intra oral cameras produce images that serve many purposes in a dentist’s office. Dr Collins uses intra-oral cameras for in-depth examination inside of a patients mouth. This allows for the Dr. Collins and a patient to either view a live video feed on a monitor while he is examining the patients mouth.
The intra-oral camera allows the dentist to instantly capture and store images of the problematic areas in the patient’s mouth. The imaging helps the dentist to discuss any problems that may have been found. Furthermore, it can also assist in cosmetic dentistry, tracking and monitoring general dental health and help the dentist keep accurate dental records.

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Intra-oral Camera

What to Expect

The experience of having an intra-oral camera used is generally enjoyable and non-invasive. The camera is small enough that it can f