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Why Teeth Cleaning is Important

The best dental hygiene routine cannot guarantee your teeth are completely clear of germs and tartar. Toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, and rinses can only do so much. In fact, being too aggressive in your regimen can do more harm than good. Our teeth cannot shed their surfaces the way skin can. The gives an opportunity for harmful bacteria to attach to the teeth and remain there for periods of time. If not completely removed by brushing, flossing, and rinsing, bacteria become a biofilm known as plaque. Plaque collecting unchecked near the gum line will harden and begin destroying teeth and gums due to intense bacterial activity. A professional cleaning is the best way to eliminate biofilm and the beginnings of plaque.

What are Regular Dental Cleanings?

Regular dental cleanings usually go hand in hand with a comprehensive oral exam or a regular (recall) evaluation.  Once the exam has been completed, unless your dentist has diagnosed gum disease, the dentist or hygienist will perform a regular cleaning, or prophylaxis.  For individuals with gum disease, your dentist will recommend a deep cleaning to treat the issue and allow your mouth to heal.

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Adult and Child Cleanings

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

We are highly skilled in removing plaque and tartar from the enamel of the teeth, both above and just below the gum line. During the cleaning, instruments are used to scrape the hardened tartar buildup from the teeth. If not removed, this can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, bleeding or swollen gums, receding gum line and extreme sensitivity in the teeth.

After the tartar is thoroughly removed, our hygienist will then polish the teeth using a gritty toothpaste and high-powered electronic brush. Although the brush makes a loud grinding sound that some patients may find intimidating, it is only polishing the outside of the tooth and does not cause pain. The gritty texture of the toothpaste helps to smooth out the surface of each tooth, eliminating microgrooves or chips where plaque can start to build up.

The final step involved in the teeth cleaning is an expert flossing session. Our hygienist will carefully floss between the teeth to make sure the areas that were not accessible to the electronic brush are also thoroughly cleaned and assessed. This also gives our hygienist an opportunity to clean up any toothpaste left behind from the brushing session. If our dental professionals noticed any sensitive areas or potential problems during the cleaning, they will be sure to let you know and give you recommendations on how to improve your own personal cleaning regimen at home.

Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Between regular cleanings, it’s important to practice a good daily oral care to prevent dental issues such as tooth decay or gum disease. Here are a few  simple steps that should become part of your daily routine that make a difference:

  • Use mouthwash to rinse your teeth before brushing. This promotes healthy teeth and gums by killing bacteria, as well as loosening any food particles or plaque in the mouth.
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly. Using a recommended toothpaste with fluoride, run the toothbrush over your teeth, gums and tongue in short circular motions to remove plaque buildup and harmful bacteria.
  • Do not brush too hard. Although you might think the harder you brush, the cleaner your mouth will be, this can actually do more harm than good. Applying excess pressure when brushing can damage your gums, causing them to recede, and create a porous sensitive surface on the teeth.
  • Floss every time you brush. A regular toothbrush simply cannot reach areas between the teeth, leaving behind food and bacteria that can lead to a number of dental issues. Flossing prevents leaving anything behind in these hard to reach spots and should be done every time you brush.
  • Give up harmful habits. Food and drinks with a heavy amount of sugar or acid can really take its toll on your teeth. Try to avoid soda, candy and highly acidic foods, which promote bacterial growth in the mouth. Smoking is another habit that is detrimental to oral hygiene. The nicotine and tar will eat away at your gums and increase plaque, no matter how often you brush or have your teeth cleaned.

Dental Cleanings for Children

We recommend that parents bring their children for oral exams and cleanings beginning at 12 months, and every 6 months after that. Bringing your child early and regularly is an important way to establish your child’s confidence and comfort during regular dental visits, and create a positive relationship with the dentist, staff, and yourself.

Adult cleaning vs child cleaning

Before a child undergoes dental cleaning, an examination is carried out to determine the necessity of the procedure. Adult dental cleaning on the other hand does not necessarily need examinations for the dental procedure to take place. During a child dental cleaning, a motorized brush is used together with a special toothpaste to clean and polish their teeth. In adult dental cleaning however, ultrasonic scalers are used to polish and clean the teeth. They work by vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies and squirting out water. For a pediatric dental cleaning, fluoride is applied on the teeth to delay action of bacteria and strengthen teeth enamel. Adult cleaning on the other hand does not include the application of fluoride.

Regular Dental Cleanings are Always Recommended

The key to experiencing quick and effortless dental cleanings for adults and children with the fewest complications possible is to schedule cleanings frequently. Remember that most dentists and their hygienist specialists recommend cleanings at least once every six months, but if a patient has a particular dental condition that requires more delicate or frequent care, cleanings may be required even more regularly than that.

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